Viva La Muxer

Last night I had the pleasure to attend Viva La Muxer event in LA. Viva La Muxer is a celebration of International Women’s Day, an all women art and music festival, and a benefit event for Las Fotos Project, a photography space for teenage girls. This exciting event featured art by 100+ women creatives, live music, performances, resource booths, workshops, dancing, food and drinks, and more! And guess what, I was one of those women creatives! I still can’t believe I did it and I am so glad that I did!

I learned about the event from my friend and after one of our very inspiring and empowering girl hang outs I was like why not? I signed up as an artist, I felt so excited and terrified at the same time. Why did I do that?


The theme of this year’s Viva La Muxer was “Knowledge is power”. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to say but I had no idea how to show it through photography. I changed my mind a hundred times before the deadline to submit the artwork and really thought that I am going to withdraw my application, there was so much resistance! But somehow I went with it and made it happen and I am so happy that I did!

My piece is called “Through the Prism of Knowledge”.



It was such an incredible night! There were so many beautiful artworks and people, the atmosphere was amazing, I truly felt like a part of the community. Putting myself out there was definitely a jump out of my comfort zone but I can’t believe how great it felt, I am still high from the excitement of last night. I couldn’t stop smiling and my cheeks actually felt sore at the end of night. It was all even better because Derek and few of my closest girlfriends were there and this kind of support is priceless. I am so lucky. I got many kind words about my piece from total strangers too and somebody had actually bought it!








Personalized poem from last night written by one of talented women at the event

I want to remember this night. I felt happy, I felt brave, I felt good enough. I hope to keep these emotions for a while and I am so excited for my next adventure.

Viva La Muxer is believing in yourself.