Baby Shower for Baby Olson


Last weekend was so much fun, I had a baby shower! Of course, I heard about baby showers before but since there is no such thing in Russia and I’ve never attended one in the US, I had a pretty vague idea of what it is exactly and how it goes. I was thinking to get my friends together to celebrate at some point but it turned out they already have been working on it! To be honest, that’s probably one of the coolest things, as much as I would like to have one, I don’t think I would have time or energy to organize it myself.

I feel so happy and grateful to have such a great group of friends who really made sure we all have a great time! Special thanks to my friend Elina who hosted the party, Elina is also the creator of Smth Crafty, a fun service to make your party extra special, whether you will be making cozy arm-knitted scarves with your guests or mixing up some natural and delicious body scrubs, you can be sure it is going to be fun! Check out Smth Crafty website for more info!

My baby shower was decorated in a nautical theme with cute details such as origami boats, maps and really sweet messages in a bottle for future parents. Snacks also followed the marine theme (although completely vegetarian) and included “Sea Cucumber” sandwiches, “Octohummus”, Seashell Candy and so on.




We had a great time sharing funny baby stories and playing games (I totally beat everyone in the baby related word scramble, thanks to all those hours spent on the Internet and Amazon in preparation for the little one:)). It was very cool to see everyone again, even living in the same city sometimes it’s hard to to find the time to meet, but with a million things to take care of before baby’s arrival, such carefree joyous moments are even more valuable. It was very warm, cheerful, delicious evening, thank you everyone for coming, thank you for thoughtful and cute gifts, love you guys!