My baby girl is one! I think it’s time to officially introduce her in this blog. It’s not that I’ve been hiding her, in fact, I’ve written daily posts about our time on maternity leave #ulianasmaternityleavechronicles but it’s all been happening on Instagram. Making birthday blog posts is kind of a tradition though so I really couldn’t skip this one.

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Honestly, my idea of a perfect weekend is getting together with family and friends, spending time outside, eating some yummy food and just enjoying the day. Today I met up with two of my girlfriends and our kids for brunch. We went to The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker in West Hollywood, it was so much fun! The food was really good, I got a croissant breakfast sandwich with salmon and my friends had a  breakfast burrito and a banana foster french toast (it looked bomb!). Whenever we get together with the kids it’s always a little crazy though.

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I was tempted to start off this post by saying I can’t believe how time flies but had to stop myself cause duh! My baby boy just turned three years old! The age between two and three was probably my favorite so far despite the notorious terrible twos. I actually think it wasn’t that bad and all the funny and cute moments outweigh the tantrums which did not spare our family by any means. The past year has been a wild ride with so much progress, challenges and difficult choices along with the impossible love, laughter and fun. I’ve got the best kid ever and I am so happy and proud to be his mama.

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My baby boy has just turned two! To say that time flies is to say nothing. This year was so much fun! Him a year ago and now are almost two different kids, he made so much progress, it’s mind-blowing! First of all, a year ago he was not even walking, we did not sleep through the night and he would only say mama occasionally. Right now he is running around, sleeps all night and says “I luh u, mama”, “no do that, mama” and probably a 100 different words and sentences in 3 languages!

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The other day we went on a walk around the neighborhood like we always do. This time it was special because for the first time in weeks it wasn’t raining. We’ve always liked walking, we just grab a camera and get outside to explore. When I look at these pictures later, they make me smile.  I love capturing candid daily moments that become the sweetest memories in the future. Children do grow up too fast and it’s important to cherish those moments. Duh.

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I miss season change. Even though it is actually awesome to always have great weather as it happens to be in Southern California, there is definitely something special about the feeling of a fresh start every few months. In search of fall we recently took a trip to Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear has such a different vibe from LA. Beautiful scenery, fresh air, quietness and cozy cabins make it a perfect weekend getaway. To me, Big Bear is also special because it reminds me so much of Russia, particularly Altai – a beautiful region not too far from my hometown. Going out of town in the fall is a wonderful change of scenery.





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Traveling with kids might sound scary and traveling alone with a toddler might seem like a crazy idea. However, it is an amazing bonding opportunity as you get to see your child experience new things and explore. The adventure hasn’t even started but your baby is already fascinated by the  airport, plane, and all the fun things inside.

A few months ago, I got a crazy idea to fly to Russia for my mom’s 50th birthday without telling her. Surprise! Since I’ve had my son, coming to visit without him is obviously not an option, my family would just stare at me in silence and then would say: “Why did you even bother coming alone?” I am kidding, kind of. Anyways, it was clear it was going to be me and Alaric taking on world travel and so we did.


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Ever since the days started getting shorter and the pumpkin spice lattes appeared at Starbucks, I have been excitedly awaiting the opening of the pumpkin patches. We had so much fun last year that now it’s one of my favorite family traditions. Before moving to California, I didn’t really like fall, but now that I’m here my mind has changed. That’s probably because the weather is perfect here. It’s still warm and dry and the sunsets get more dramatic and vibrant, and, even though it’s too hot for a sweater, it makes everything so cozy.


This year we went to the same pumpkin patch as last year, Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch! I’ve seen a few pumpkin patches around town and this one is still my favorite! It’s pretty big yet off the beaten path. You get into the fall spirit and totally forget that you’re surrounded by the city.

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