Wild & Free

Honestly, my idea of a perfect weekend is getting together with family and friends, spending time outside, eating some yummy food and just enjoying the day. Today I met up with two of my girlfriends and our kids for brunch. We went to The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker in West Hollywood, it was so much fun! The food was really good, I got a croissant breakfast sandwich with salmon and my friends had a  breakfast burrito and a banana foster french toast (it looked bomb!). Whenever we get together with the kids it’s always a little crazy though.



I got this new sweater for Alaric that says “wild and free”, which pretty much sums up the life of a toddler. I love finding cute, comfy and trendy baby clothes for him. He still lets me dress him but I’m not sure how much longer that will last. I do try to pick pieces for him that he would like though, whether it’s his favorite colors, colorful prints or fun details like this crazy croc’s zipper mouth. He loved opening and closing it and making “rawr!” sounds.



Besides looks, baby clothes also have to be practical, easy to put on and take off, and most importantly comfy to wear. Ultimately, at this age, most kids don’t really care how they look as long as they can have all the fun they want. That likely means climbing things or playing in the dirt. For that reason, I personally prefer investing in more affordable baby clothes. I really don’t see the point in paying a premium for something that will get destroyed or outgrown in a matter of months.



Luckily, nowadays there are many options to find fun, unique and stylish baby clothes. This site has lots of cute pieces, I love all the puns! When you have a kid, 90% of the photos on your phone are baby pics so it certainly doesn’t hurt when your little cutie looks a little extra adorable because of a trendy outfit.




It was such a nice day out and the light was so pretty that we stayed for extra 30 minutes just taking pictures outside. After brunch we went to the interactive Zimmer Children’s Museum (1 free child admission with check-in on Yelp!) and that’s where wild and free was taken to a whole new level…