DIY Nursery Monogram

Quick and easy way to add personal touch to your baby’s nursery!

What you will need:

– Monogram Letter, mine is simple wooden letter from Target

Acrylic paint, mine is by Hand Made Modern in Sky (satin), Leaf (satin) and Egg (shimmer)

– Stencils, got mine here

Brushes or sponge


I chose colors that would go well with the existing theme of our nursery. I made a few sketches first on a regular paper and played with the patterns and color arrangements. After I decided what my letter is going to look like I started by applying the base color to the front and sides of the letter. Let it dry for 1 hour, repeat if necessary.


Once the letter is dry, take your stencil and place it on top of the letter holding it firmly to secure in one place. The key to applying the paint through the stencil is to use as little paint as possible in order to avoid “bleeding” outside of the frame, it’s better to do a few thin layers until you reach desired color depth. Sponge brush or even just a piece of the kitchen sponge works great for that.


When you’re done painting, let it dry for another hour and you’re pretty much done! Place it on the wall, side table or anywhere else in your nursery for a personal little touch.