Minneapolis. Day 2. Downtown, Bridges, St.Paul.


On our second day in Minneapolis we continued to explore the city. We left Alaric with grandma and went on a walk in Downtown. It was really fun but really cold. I was so desperate to get warm that we decided to walk to Target to get some extra layers to wear. Turns out Target in Minneapolis is so much better than in LA (maybe because it’s headquartered there?), it had so many cute and better quality pieces, and cool brands like WhoWhatWear, for example! I ended up trying on few dresses and other summer pieces and buying couple of really cute things. Did I mention that I originally went there to get something warm to wear in a freezing cold Minneapolis? I know, I know… They will be my souvenirs haha.

Rishka is loving the crayons

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Minneapolis skyline



One of the things that I wanted to see in Minneapolis was the bridge that looks almost identical to the one in Novosibirsk which is where I am from. These two are actually sister-cities so it was really cool to see it in person. There are actually so many bridges in Minneapolis and they look very different, we drove across the river few times on a few of them so we could see the other ones, pretty cool!


The “twin bridge” on Novosbirsk Bridge
Alaric was a “truer” Siberian than me and kept taking his hat off

After that we went to check out Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The giant spoon with a cherry looked fun! We didn’t walk around too much since we also wanted to check out to St. Paul – the “twin city” of Minneapolis and it’s a bit of a drive. I had another chance to enjoy the view of the architecture, skyline, beautiful green trees all over while we were driving to St. Paul, it was so soothing and warm that I fell asleep in the car and only woke up when we got to St. Paul, oops. We had a delicious dinner there in some Italian restaurant, my garlic pasta was so freaking good! After that we went on a stroll to walk it off and explore the surroundings. On the way home we stopped by some coffee shop and got some really good desserts. This whole trip was actually very indulgent and delicious, ah vacation<3

Day 3 in my next post!