It’s so funny how time works,  you can have a couple of relaxing days at home or you can travel half way across the country and squeeze so much fun in the same two-three days period.

This Labor Day weekend we went to North Dakota for a friend’s wedding as well as to visit my husband’s family. I’ve been to ND twice before but only in the Winter, I heard so much about how beautiful it is in the Summer so it was time to check it out. I had a such a great time! It was so nice to enjoy some quiet walks, fresh air, nature, rain and thunderstorms at night (I’ve never seen so many lightnings, it literally looked like a stroboscope). I loved unplugging and just walking around outside, sleeping (yay for grandparents babysitting! something we don’t get to have in LA), and just relaxing and changing the scenery. Loved walking barefoot on the grass, picking sunflower seeds straight from the sunflower and making s’mores by the bonfire. It was also really nice to dress up for the wedding and have somewhat a date night with husband, champagne and dancing. The trip was short but surely very sweet!





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Last weekend we went to Disneyland and it was so much fun! I’ve never been before so my birthday earlier that week seemed like a good enough reason cause you know what they say – it’s the happiest place on Earth!

Disneyland (12)

Disneyland (1)


Disneyland (2)

Disneyland (4)

Disneyland (5)

Disneyland (6)

Disneyland (8)

Disneyland (16)

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Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. – Epicurus

Malibu-Paradise Cove (4)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (1)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (10)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (12)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (8)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (7)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (2)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (13)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (9)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (5)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (14)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (18)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (17)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (22) Malibu-Paradise Cove (23)
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My baby has the best dad he could ever have. Derek was the first person Alaric saw when he was born and ever since then they have a special connection. Seeing them together makes my heart melt. From the very beginning Derek was participating in every baby activity we did: changing, bath time, walks in addition to their one-on-one time playing piano or “Where’s the bunny?”. They love each other so much and it’s the best thing ever. My boys <3

We had a great cozy day celebrating Derek’s first Father’s Day, took some pictures, went on a family walk and just enjoyed each other’s company.



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Even though I am usually not all that sentimental, expecting a baby is such a special time. I really wanted us to have beautiful photos from that period in our life, my friend and lifestyle photographer Ksenia Koldaeva did a great job capturing moments of Derek and I enjoying the time together not too long before our baby arrived.

The more I look at the pictures, the more I am in love with them. I am so happy that we did this shoot, we will always be able to look back and remember that time, and how great that our son will be able to see us as we were when expecting him: so happy, so excited, so in love.

Family Shoot (12)

I would like to share these sweet photos with you, and please make sure to check out Ksenia’s website for more beauty and inspiration.

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I like to take walks around our neighborhood. Without any particular goal we usually just get ready, take a camera and get out of the house. It’s nice to wander the streets, talk, take pictures that I never end up posting and just enjoy the moment… This was the Valentine’s Day, the last one with just the two of us, I thought I’d share a few pics here. Even though I got a lemonade spilled all over me at the restaurant and couple of other silly moments, it was a very sweet warm day that I want to remember.



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