Alaric Turns One


My sweet boy just turned one!  Looking back at this year there have definitely been many awesome moments but it is still hard to believe the whole year has passed by.

It is usually not that easy to notice the time but in case with an infant you can practically watch the clock tick.  From a tiny fragile creature it timelapses into an active little person that can move around, smile, talk, express emotions and  show their personality. It is so fascinating! Not to mention that this creature tripled in weight and grew by 8 inches:)


Watching Alaric grow has been one of, if not THE most amazing experiences of my life.  There is so much happiness coming from his mere existence, sometimes it’s just impossible to comprehend.  I am so blessed and so grateful that he is a healthy and strong little boy.

Things I like the most about my Rishka:

– His personality, he is a true ray of sunshine.  He is a little explorer and loves a good challenge.

 – His smiles and giggles, I love when I find his “funny button”.

– His soft marshmallow cheeks.

–  He is very friendly and loves to be around people.

 – He loves to be in front of the camera which is great for me, gotta take those photos!

– He has been a good eater so far, loves all the fruits and veggies, he even liked the lemon!

– I love to watch him drink his juice through the straw, so cute!

– He has the most adorable laser focused facial expression.   – He always gets so excited to see me and crawls really fast to give me a hug.

– He makes this funny uh-oh sound when he does something he knows not to do.

– I love when he falls asleep in my arms.

The list could go on forever, I am so happy to be his mom!

alaric's first year