Christmas Tree


The other day we were going on our usual sunset walk around the neighborhood when we realized that now that Thanksgiving is over, the holiday season is here which means that Christmas tree markets are open! I remember seeing in the movies how the family goes to one of those markets with many fluffy Christmas trees to pick the best one.


Tree (13)

Tree (12)

**This is how normal people take their tree home**

Tree (9)

Tree (19)

There are Christmas trees in Russia, of course (and those have THE BEST Christmas tree smell that I am always chasing when shopping for winter candles). In Russia it’s usually just a few trees by the subway exit and the whole thing is not as “branded” as it is here. The trees themselves are also a little different, I am not sure if it is a special type of evergreen but while the Russian Christmas trees win for smell, the US ones definitely have better looks.

Tree (15)

Tree (20)

Tree (2)


Tree (18)

Tree (21)

Tree (4)

Tree (22)

Anyways, when we got to the market I got so excited! I love Christmas trees, the atmosphere, the smell, aaah <3 I totally took advantage of the fact that it will be our boy’s first Christmas and declared that we gotta have a real tree this year.  After examining all of the trees in our preferred size option, we got one and here comes the fun part: since we walked there and I was so impatient and wanted the tree NOW, we decided to carry it home ourselves! It wasn’t that far but still something like 20 minute walk. I thought that it would be super fun to do. So there we were, Derek was carrying Alaric in Ergo, I had the tree that they packed in a black garbage bag, so overall it looked like we were carrying a body!! I don’t know what made I think that taking a photo with a packed up tree would be a good idea but we did and now looking at these photos I can’t stop laughing cause it looks so creepy! I was right though, it was really fun and definitely a memorable experience.

Tree (24)

Tree (23)

tree (38)

**This is how we carry our tree home :D**

Tree (25)

Tree (27)

** How creepy is that tree here?! Hahaha**

Tree (28)

Tree (29)

Tree (30)

Tree (31)

Tree (6)

Tree (1)

Tree (33)

Tree (32)

Tree (7)

Tree (8)

Tree (37)

Tree (35)

Are you uys putting up a tree this year? Share in the comments!