Favorites of this month

1. Yogurt Maker. One my favorite things this month was a yogurt maker. Last time I visited my family, my mom was always making homemade yogurt and it really was so much more fresh and delicious than a store-bought. Following her lead, I decided to get one for us as well since my baby liked the yogurt a lot and it seems to be healthier than regular milk.

After a month of using the yogurt maker I can say that it’s become a whole family favorite and every 3-4 days I make a new batch. Prep time takes no more than 7 minutes. After mixing the milk with the yogurt starter, I pour in the jars that come with the yogurt maker, set the time for 8-12 hours depending on the milk (I usually make it overnight). Couple more hours in the fridge, it’s ready!

I’ve been telling everyone about the yogurt maker so my work friend also got one and now we always talk about what we are going to try next, what are the best toppings, etc. So far I’ve only made plain whole milk yogurt but next on my agenda is flavored yogurt and some non-dairy yogurt.

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