Monthly Favorites. February.

Things I loved this month.


1. Apartment Therapy. In February I spent hours online looking for ideas and pieces for our baby’s nursery or rather nursery corner in our bedroom, that’s when I stumbled upon Apartment Therapy. If you love interior design, home decor and DIY, you need to check them out. Tons of great ideas and inspiration on how to organize small space, renovate old furniture and so much more. Speaking of nursery, I found so many articles and lovely photos, it makes me dream that one day we will have our own house that I can make pretty and cosy.

2. The Republic of Tea Almond Coconut Macaroon Red Tea, I got this tea for Christmas from my mother-in-law and I’ve been really loving it. It is caffeine-free rooibos tea with coconut and almond notes, it’s just so good! The packaging is lovely and I like the fact that there’s 36 bags in one container so it lasted me quite a while.

3. Quiz Up. If you like quizzes as much as I do, you need to get this app. Hundreds of topics available,  it is a very entertaining way to exercise your brain by playing against other people from all over the world. Disclaimer: it is very addictive! Add me @Uliana_O and let’s play!

4. Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman, the runaway New York Times bestseller that shows American parents the secrets behind France’s amazingly well-behaved children. I heard about this book a long time ago and now that I finally had some time on my maternity leave, I was curious to read it. I actually didn’t finish reading it yet but have been enjoying it so far, it’s easy to read, funny and I’ve always liked learning about cultural differences, it’s just this time it’s about bringing up babies.

5. Uber, this is not news as I’ve been using Uber for over a year now but being 8 months pregnant and living in LA without a car, this app got a whole new level of appreciation from me. I used to walk (~30 min) or bike (~15 min) to work but obviously at this point this was not an option anymore, Uber was a great solution, for about $4/ride I was getting to work in no time! Use my code “odpaf” to get your first ride free (up to $20).

6. See’s Candies, got these for Valentine’s Day from my dear husband and OMG, they were so good. First of all, they smelled amazing! So fresh and delicious, I think I got spoiled and can’t imagine Valentine’s Day without them anymore;)

7. Seven Lions ft. Ellie Goulding – Don’t Leave (Original Mix) – I already loved Ellie Goulding and Seven Lions separately and then I heard this song when riding in a car with my friend Kathryn on the way home from my baby shower. Empty freeway and this song blasting through speakers, it was pretty amazing <3

Zedd ft. Selena Gomez – I want you to know – I’ve loved Zedd ever since Clarity. This new song just came out, it wasn’t love from the first beat but now I can’t help playing it on repeat.

8. Milestone Baby Cards and other baby stuff. I had a baby shower earlier this month and I just loved all the sweet and thoughtful gifts I got from my friends, it was a total cuteness overdose! Being a photo lover, I am totally in love with the idea and execution of these milestone baby cards, they capture baby’s first weeks, months and memorable moments in such a lovely way, can’t wait to take pictures using them!

9. Raw pistachios, I used to think that roasted and salted pistachios is the only acceptable kind of pistachios however this month I really enjoyed them raw. The health benefits of pistachio include a healthy heart, weight management, protection against diabetes and hypertension, and improved digestion. The vitamins, minerals, fats and protein found in pistachio are all very good for your health. Should  I mention that they taste good and fun to crack? (sorry teeth!)

10. Amazon Prime, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping preparing for our baby’s arrival and Amazon Prime is definitely something I really appreciated. Free Two-day shipping makes all the difference when you need stuff asap, and in my opinion, it’s totally worth the $99 annual fee. There are also other perks such as Prime Music, Movies and more but to be honest, I did not look into that yet.