Monthly Favorites. April. + More New Mom Favorites

Things I loved this month.


1. Bike (Schwinn Women’s Mica 2.0 Hybrid Bike). After a long break from biking due to the pregnancy, I finally got back on my bike and man, it’s so fun! Before the break I was biking to work everyday for over a year so it was a pretty big part of my life. It it such a great way to start the day, I love the speed, the wind and its eco-friendliness. You definitely have to be careful riding in the city and sharing streets with cars that’s why I never ride without my helmet and I even wear a bright neon vest to make sure I am noticeable on the street, looks goofy but who cares. I’m in no way a bike expert, I am a fan of biking concept itself rather than any particular type and model, so I can’t recommend the one for you. While all those Cruiser bikes are cool and pretty, I found them a bit too heavy and bulky. I really like my Schwinn hybrid bike, it’s lightweight and compact. I also have a cool wicker basket to store stuff on the ride, whether it’s a purse or yoga towel and water bottle, it’s conveniently put away.

2. Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. I had some dental work done this month and now I am obsessed with everything teeth. We had this tooth brush gathering dust at home for whatever reason so I decided to give a try and wow, what a difference! Teeth feel so much cleaner, I don’t think I can ever go back to the regular toothbrush.

3. Museum Nails Nail Wraps. This is a very fun way to do nails. I got the Jungalow Collection, perfect print for Spring. Really easy to apply and it lasted a whole week!

4. Yellow. Loving this color this Spring, so bright and sunny. Really had to stop myself from getting too many yellow things, I did get a phone case and a skirt though and still kinda want a blazer, haha. My favorite color combo these days is yellow-white-gray.

5.Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub. I’ve used many different scrubs but I keep coming back to this one. It’s very delicate yet cleansing and refreshing, most importantly it just works perfectly for my skin! I rarely have any breakouts anymore, the skin looks more even in tone and texture, this is one of those products where I actually do see the difference after using it. The smell is a bit sour but I can tolerate it for the final result. It is 99% natural (kind of a funny statement), paraben, SLS and petroleum-free, overall very happy with this product!

As promised, I will share some more baby related products that I’ve been using and loving this spring:

6. Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap. This sleeping bag (as I call it) is a perfect tool to keep the baby cozy and comfortable when sleeping, it fits snugly over the arms and prevents the startle reflex that can wake up your baby. It was perfect for us since our boy kept breaking out of the regular swaddle. When choosing the size, keep in mind that babies like to sleep swaddled only for the first few month, also it is important to stop swaddling with arms in once the baby learns to roll over to avoid suffocation. We got the size Large and started using it when our baby was about 1 month old (Update: we still use it at almost 3 months and it still fits, this is probably the only set we will need before moving to next level).

7. Earth Mama Angel Baby a Little Something for Baby Kit. I love everything is this kit! Bottom Balm works great, Body Wash & Shampoo cleans till it squeaks and smells so nice (Orange Vanilla), Oil is great for cradle cap treatment and Lotion is perfect for a gentle massage. All products in this set are miniatures but they last a while which also makes them perfect for traveling, this is all you will need. It’sa great baby shower gift as well.

8. Gerber Sleep ‘N’ Play Outfits. Love these for zippers that make it so much easier to put on. Soft, cute and inexpensive, we love them!

9. Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Toy. Our baby loves this toy! I wanted to get him something for 1 month birthday, and this was a great find. It’s bright and loud, this is the first thing he started to focus on and follow with his eyes. It’s got easy to grab handles, rubberized bottom for teething and more which is great as it will keep him entertained when he is older as well, besides how cute is that thing?