Monthly Favorites. June.

Things I loved this month.

1. Nike Shoes. Everybody loves Nike.  I’ve had a few great workout pieces for as long as 10 years and they still look like new (even though I do wear them all the time).  For some reason though I’ve never had Nike shoes. Yeah, they look awesome but I’ve never had the will to spent that much money for something I don’t really need: I don’t run, don’t go to the gym, etc. Well, the times have changed. Since I am walking to the daycare and work up and down the hill every single day, I really needed to get better shoes (flats and heels are a no-no for this type of walk). I went straight to the Clearance section on the website and with a gift card I got from work for my 2 year anniversary I got a pair of Nikes for just $29 (originally $80). They are so comfy! They do make me want to run, jump, dance and just move! Paired with the upbeat music my walk in the morning is so fun and fast, I don’t even mind getting up at 5:30 to get out of the door by 7.

2. Apple Music and iTunes Radio. I really need to updated music on my phone but I just keep forgetting to do that or never have time so I tried Apple Music (first 3 months free!) and Itunes Radio in the meantime and I love it! There’s SO much music, you can choose the station you want to start with and it plays the songs similar in genre, you get to discover new songs and it’s such an adventure.  I’ve been really enjoying some EDM lately, gives me so much energy on my morning walk and sets the great mood for the day!

3. Blue Apron. I’ve heard a lot about Blue Apron from my friend but wasn’t really interested in trying it out myself just yet. Recently I’ve been lacking some food inspiration so I decided to try it out and got a free meal sent through my friend (you get free meals you can send to people after you’ve been subscribed for a while). I am a fan now! We’ve been getting every week! If you are not familiar with the concept, it is a food delivery service where you choose 3 recipes per week and get pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your door. Farm-fresh seasonal ingredients, interesting recipes with step-by-step instructions for $9.99/serving. Skip any week or cancel any time. Easy peasy, fun and delicious.

4. Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book.  I’ve come across this little memory book in some cute store in the neighborhood and really loved the idea! As much as I would like to write journals and stories about my son, sometimes it’s really hard to find time to sit down and right a whole story. With this book it’s much easier to keep track, couple sentences about the day in the evening and here you have a great manageable way to save precious moments. The book is for five years and every page is the same day for each year, so you can easily see what happened on the same day last year, 2 years ago, etc. Would make a great gift to a new or expecting mom.

5. Now Foods Cheer Up Buttercup Essential Oils Uplifting Blend. I mentioned in my May favorites that we got a humidifier with essential oil diffusion slot, so I started experimenting with some oils I’ve had and rediscovered this delicious blend. It is made of Bergamot oil, orange oil, lime oil, grapefruit oil, lemon oil. It is so fresh and crispy, and makes the room smell really nice.

6. Andalou Naturals, Get Started Brightening, Skin Care Essentials, 5 Piece Kit. I am on a constant search for the right skin care line and Andalou Naturals has a good chance of becoming the one. First of all, whenever I shop for cosmetics I check if it is Vegan, Not Tested on Animals, doesn’t contain Parabens, Phthalates, SLS and other harmful chemicals and then I look at what’s left. This kit is a great way to try a full line of skin care products before committing to a full size product. Every product in this kit was great, from texture to smell to properties to results. I have been enjoying it in the process and do see some results after about a month of using it. They also have Sensitive, Age Defying and Clarifying (thinking about trying this one next) kits.

7. Parks and Recreation. I know I’m a little slow to the party as the show has actually ended already, but I just discovered it and I love it, so funny!

That’s all I could remember for this month. Until next time!

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