Monthly Favorites. September.


Things I loved this month

1. Audiobooks. I LOVE reading. Ever since I was little, I loved getting cozy with a book and dive into different world to follow character’s journeys. I used to say that I only like actual paper books because they’re real, I love rustling the pages and smelling the paper and ink (is there anyone else who’s into that kind of stuff?). Then I discovered e-readers and I had to admit it was a lot more convenient especially if you’re reading on the go. These days sitting down with a book in my hands is a luxury that does not come often so I decided to give a try to an audio book and I loved it! I spend a lot of time on the road walking so during this times I can’t really do much productive stuff but listening to the audio books  has been one of the best ideas ever! I am still in a search for a perfect tool for it (I used Audible but I think it’s too expensive, 1 book a month for 15 bucks, really?) so if you know any cool apps or audio books sources, let me know in the comments! As of right now I am planning to join my local library so I can use their digital content for free, we’ll see how it goes!

2. #Girlboss. So this is actually a first book I stumbled upon on the Audiobooks app, it caught my attention because of the title, I didn’t know anything about the book or an author before. I started listening and got hooked! It is an autobiography of Sophia Amoruso, the founder and CEO of the Nasty Gal. Besides the personal story of how she built Nasty Gal starting with just an Ebay store selling vintage clothes, and some stories from other successful ‘girlbosses’, the book explains what it means to be a #girlboss and has some practical advice on how to become one. I can’t say it opened my eyes and taught me something amazing I didn’t know before, but it did have a few good reminders and examples that put some things into perspective. I really enjoyed it, it was inspiring, entertaining and kind of educational at the same time. I don’t have a paper copy (although I am thinking about buying it so I can make some notes) but it includes pictures, photos and quotes.

3. Fired Up and Focused Challenge. Every September I have this itching back-to-school feeling that makes me want to learn or try something new. Last year I took blogging class that was essential to what you see here as a result. This year I took a productivity challenge (also available as podcast on iTunes – Get Fired Up & Focused) and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it. The 21 day challenge offers some great organizing techniques as well as inspired action steps that would be very helpful for your life and your business. If you have something you have wanted to try forever or you just found something and thought it could be fun to do, I encourage you go for it! I find it very fulfilling and inspiring to push yourself to the next level and expand your horizons, it brings the excitement and satisfaction and can lead to even more great things.

4. Stash Earl Grey Black Tea. I am a huge fan of the earl gray tea and I’ve probably tried most of the brands out there. Earl Gray from Stash by far is the tastiest! It’s so rich and delicious that I just can’t get enough of it! I pretty much always leave the tea bag in a cup and never use sugar, it is so delicious as is! Very excited for the colder evenings we will be spending together this fall.

5. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. I got this one in miniature as a birthday gift from Sephora and loved it instantly! The color is very beautiful and looks very flattering on me! The texture is soft enough to make it easy to apply (which is important for me!) and it makes the lips look really nice. The color is perfect for fall too. Seriously considering buying a full size version.

6. Honeycrisp apples. The whole time I was pregnant people kept asking me if I had any strange cravings, and I always said no. BUT during the fall of last year EVERY SINGLE DAY  for 3 months I was eating at least one gigantic organic Honeycrisp apple. My friends and co-workers know it as “the-best-apple-ever”, I was praising it to everyone. These apples are sweet with tiny bit of tartness, firm and VERY juicy. I was waiting for a year for them to come back in season and finally I just saw them in the stores again! (I already had probably around 10 in the last week). You know what they say, An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away, so get advantage of this apple season!

7. Сoffitivity. This fun app recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better. Have you noticed that sometimes it’s easier to concentrate in a coffee shop than at home without any noise or distractions? With Coffitivity you can have advantages of both! I prefer working at home but I like being surrounded by the sound, I found that Coffitivity really does help me focus on the task, in fact I am listening to it right now as I write this post. Check them out, besides cafes they have sounds of university halls and other interesting sounds.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for October favorites!