Children See. Children Do. A Day in Life of a Toddler.

The other day we went on a walk around the neighborhood like we always do. This time it was special because for the first time in weeks it wasn’t raining. We’ve always liked walking, we just grab a camera and get outside to explore. When I look at these pictures later, they make me smile.  I love capturing candid daily moments that become the sweetest memories in the future. Children do grow up too fast and it’s important to cherish those moments. Duh.



Alaric has been growing so fast and lately we’ve been watching him do things on his own and see where he would take us.  That day he grabbed his favorite walker even though he doesn’t need it anymore, and got out of the door. I swear this walker is like a kid magnet, every time we bring it to the playground, every kid from too little to too big would look at it in awe and occasionally would even try to steal it.



Alaric is kind of shy, sometimes he would even try to hide when he sees someone unfamiliar. Other than that he is pretty fearless and independent. This time he just walked all the way to the supermarket nearby, grabbed a big pack of candy cane rounds (that he never even tried before) and went straight to the register. It was so funny!




After that we proceeded further around the block where he pretended to be a post man at some random apartment building. He would try to stick a key into the mailbox or move around the bin with the newspapers and coupons that is usually by every mailbox area. Later on our walk we found a cute little courtyard with miniature, Rishka size bench and table. He couldn’t miss the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the scenery.




I remember seeing the social commercial with a tagline Children see. Children do a while back that was really good and thought provoking. But after having a child of my own this commercial has a whole new meaning. Kids are like sponges and they really do repeat everything they see their parents do. Luckily, so far Alaric has been really sweet and hilarious and we love watching him put dishes in a dishwasher or do laundry, style his hair with papa’s hair products or wear mama’s heels. But it’s a good reminder to be more mindful if front of him and show him a good example.