California Adventure: “The Other Disneyland”


One of the most popular posts on my blog is the post about our trip to Disneyland with a baby. My Disneyland and California Adventure Silver Pass was set to expire in April and we wanted to sneak in one last trip before then.  It was good timing because my mom and 11-year-old brother were visiting. This time we decided to start with the California Adventure since none of us have been there and because my brother and now a toddler son are really into cars and California Adventure is where the Cars Land is.




We started our journey with walking around through “Hollywood” and stopped by a theater for a underwater show for kids. It was pretty fun but Alaric was not that into it and kept escaping from his island so we left. We then walked to the Bug’s Life and rode our first carousel, it was fun!









When we got to the Cars Land, that’s when I realized that I made a rookie mistake of not getting the Fast Pass. The ride looked really fun but then line was 2 hours long without the Fast Pass! On a Thursday! We played with an idea of waiting in line but ultimately decided that a toddler would not have it, and to be honest, we wouldn’t either.





The set looked really awesome though, totally felt like Radiator Springs. We got the ice cream cones and watched people lining up to take photos with the cars characters. After that we continued to the part of the park with the actual rides and the infamous Ferris Wheel.





And then the thing I was warning everyone about all day had happened. We got separated and lost. I looked away for a second and when I turned around my mom and brother were gone with all our stuff but without the phone. So here we are, two adults and a barefoot baby (Alaric kept taking his shoes off).

When I was little my mom always told me that if you got separated or lost, go back to the spot where you were last with that person. So we did but they didn’t. To kill time we went on two rounds of a water animals carousel, it was really cute.

We did find each other in about 30 minutes but by then it was dark and half the rides closed early because of the World of Colors show. We wanted to make it to the Disneyland before we left so my mom and brother could take a pic with the Disney castle.

At Disneyland we found ourselves in the middle of the parade, it was so crowded! I couldn’t wait to take the picture and go home. Which is exactly what we did. We rode one more carousel before we left and said goodbye to the Disneyland and California Adventure for a little while.

Overall, it was a really fun day. But if there’s one thing I wanted to tell you is GET A FAST PASS, if you want to go on the rides it’s totally worth it.