Petersen Museum: A Place for Car Lovers


I am not a huge museum enthusiast. I mean, I enjoy going to the museums but mostly for the overall experience and not really for the things exhibited. The other day we went to the Petersen Museum for the first time. My mom and 11-year-old brother were visiting so we thought we’d include it on our list of touristy things to do. My 2-year-old son is also really into cars already so it seemed like a good idea.


The museum was recently renovated and it looks really cool from the outside. The minute we walked inside, Alaric saw an orange McLaren and before I could do anything he ran towards it and threw himself on the hood. I got him off just in time before security had a chance to throw us out. And I gotta tell you, those security ladies were not someone to mess with (we got couple of warnings later on).



We bought our tickets ($15/adults, $7/children, FREE kids under 3) and went upstairs to walk our way down the museum. Even though I am personally not really into cars, I actually really enjoyed the museum! There are lots of shiny classic cars along with the famous cars from the movies like Batmobile, Back to the Future car, Herbie and of course, Lightning McQueen! I loved the hall with the silver cars and fun patterns of the Bugatti car collection.





Kids Discovery Center

To be honest, my favorite part of the Petersen Museum was actually the kids center on the second floor. There are many really fun and interesting toys and car themed activities. They are really well thought out and you could easily spent two hours there with your little ones. From the actual toy cars to drawing station to the engine and breaks simulators, there is something to do for kids all ages. It was a perfect way to keep Alaric busy and entertained while we took turns walking around the exhibition halls.












We made a stop at the gift shop before leaving and got a t-shirt and a little toy jeep which is now Alaric’s favorite car. Beware though, it’s almost impossible to leave the shop empty handed, there are so many fun toys!



I highly recommend this museum to all car lovers, especially if you have kids. Petersen Museum is located on the corner of Fairfax Ave and Wilshire Blvd and is just across the street from LACMA and La Brea Tar Pits Museum. This area is perfect for a touristy day out, keep it in mind when your friends are visiting LA or when you feel like having a staycation. Afterwards, you can take a walk to the Grove which just down the street to visit the Farmers Market and ride the tram.

Do you like going to museums? Share your favorite ones in the comments! If you really liked some in LA, I’d love to hear about it too!