On our second day in Minneapolis we continued to explore the city. We left Alaric with grandma and went on a walk in Downtown. It was really fun but really cold. I was so desperate to get warm that we decided to walk to Target to get some extra layers to wear. Turns out Target in Minneapolis is so much better than in LA (maybe because it’s headquartered there?), it had so many cute and better quality pieces, and cool brands like WhoWhatWear, for example! I ended up trying on few dresses and other summer pieces and buying couple of really cute things. Did I mention that I originally went there to get something warm to wear in a freezing cold Minneapolis? I know, I know… They will be my souvenirs haha.

Rishka is loving the crayons

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Minneapolis skyline

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We just came back from a quick weekend trip to Minneapolis and it was so great to get out of a familiar environment and see something new, I truly believe that it helps to keep balance in life and get some fresh perspective.

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Worried about the baby on the plane? Get him two cups and watch :D

After cups got boring

Hotel beds are love


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This year I decided to start a new category on my blog called All Things LA where I will be sharing stories and photos about different places in LA as well as some insights from the position of someone who actually lives here, everything is of course my humble opinion and personal experience, I hope you enjoy reading it.  The first post is about Downtown Los Angeles.

Unlike in many other cities across the world Downtown in LA is really not a city center, not that LA has one anyway.  To find myself in DTLA, acronym most people use when talking about Downtown LA, I need to make a special trip which I did this past weekend. In almost 4 years that I’ve lived in LA, I probably visited Downtown less than 10 times but every time I do it feels like adventure. There are days when I am really loving the big city vibe which the rest of LA doesn’t really have walking by old historic buildings and skyscrapers, chilling at the roof top bars or enjoying some local museums. There are also days like this one, gloomy and gray, beautiful, artistic but also kind of depressing.


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Pershing Square Subway Station Exit

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It’s so funny how time works,  you can have a couple of relaxing days at home or you can travel half way across the country and squeeze so much fun in the same two-three days period.

This Labor Day weekend we went to North Dakota for a friend’s wedding as well as to visit my husband’s family. I’ve been to ND twice before but only in the Winter, I heard so much about how beautiful it is in the Summer so it was time to check it out. I had a such a great time! It was so nice to enjoy some quiet walks, fresh air, nature, rain and thunderstorms at night (I’ve never seen so many lightnings, it literally looked like a stroboscope). I loved unplugging and just walking around outside, sleeping (yay for grandparents babysitting! something we don’t get to have in LA), and just relaxing and changing the scenery. Loved walking barefoot on the grass, picking sunflower seeds straight from the sunflower and making s’mores by the bonfire. It was also really nice to dress up for the wedding and have somewhat a date night with husband, champagne and dancing. The trip was short but surely very sweet!





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Last weekend we went to Disneyland and it was so much fun! I’ve never been before so my birthday earlier that week seemed like a good enough reason cause you know what they say – it’s the happiest place on Earth!

Disneyland (12)

Disneyland (1)


Disneyland (2)

Disneyland (4)

Disneyland (5)

Disneyland (6)

Disneyland (8)

Disneyland (16)

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Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. – Epicurus

Malibu-Paradise Cove (4)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (1)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (10)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (12)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (8)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (7)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (2)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (13)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (9)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (5)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (14)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (18)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (17)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (22) Malibu-Paradise Cove (23)
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