Monthly Favorites. October.

Things I loved this month


1. Dessert Essence Organics, Hand Repair Cream, Pumpkin Spice. My hands get really dry in the  fall-winter season, to the point where they actually crack and even bleed sometimes, even when living in Southern California! This hand cream has been saving my hands for the past couple of years. It absorbs pretty quickly, the smell is light and pleasant and most importantly, it actually works! It literally repaired my hands. It’s organic, 100% vegan, with no parabens, SLS, blah blah blah. Love it.

2. Justin’s Almond Butter Vanilla Squeeze Packs. This product is great on so many levels. First of all, it’s delicious! I prefer almond butter over peanut butter, with a little touch of vanilla it gets even better. Second, I love the portion pack! It’s just the right amount which is important for someone like me. I love having desserts or something sweet with my tea, but I drink tea a few times day, now imagine how many desserts that could be. So this little pack is perfect to satisfy my sweet tooth without regretful consequences.

3. Skrillex and Diplo – “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber. Speaking of Justin’s haha. Really like this song, the beat and melody are just so catchy. I also like What Do You Mean, it’s so light and fun!

4. Nature’s Path Love Crunch Aloha BlendEdit. Cool fall mornings call for something more substantial for breakfast than a juice or a smoothie. I love this granola, it’s so delicious, contains coconut, pineapple and white chocolate chunks! Only 6g of sugar per serving. It’s Organic and Non-GMO project verified. Yummm.

5. Twenty20 App. Recently discovered this App and I love it! Twenty20 is a community to showcase, discover, and buy the best in mobile photography & art. You can participate in fun daily challenges showcasing your photos as well as selling them to brands and digital creators. All photos there are available for purchase. Whether you want to share and sell some of  your photos or buy some stock photos for your next project or a blog post, you can! Very simple, easy and beautiful.

6. Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens. We got this lens earlier this month and I love it. Disclaimer, I am not expert in detailed photo equipment reviews, for that you should visit the appropriate websites. What I love about this lens is the image quality, size, its focal range and price. The photos turn out very bright and crisp, just how I like it. This lens is tiny, it’s called a pancake for a reason, its so easy to carry around on a camera and generally, it makes me carry the camera with me more, is so discreet and does not attract any attention at all. For me 40 mm is much more workable than 50mm lens which is also small and great in quality but little inconvenient to work with on the go. This one is wide enough to capture the surroundings and long enough to do some close ups with beautiful bokeh. It’s also under $200 which is great. Photos in this, this and this recent posts were shot with this lens.

Not many this month but stay tuned for more in November!