Crateful Meal Delivery: A Culinary Adventure at Home

I love good healthy food. If I could have a giant fresh salad or a homemade soup or hearty bowl of veggies and grains for lunch every day I’d be the happiest person on Earth. Unfortunately, there are just no good lunch places in walking distance from my office and, for car-less me, lunch time is always a struggle. The other day, I came across this local company called Crateful, which provides chef-prepared gourmet meals with locally sourced and organic ingredients delivered to your door. Whatever comes with an intro like this already has my attention. And it only gets better!

Crateful is a healthy food subscription plan that offers meals designed by Michelin Star Chef Cristina Bowerman and supervised by licensed nutritionist Alyse Levine. The set up is pretty simple yet there are plenty of choices. First, you select your meal plan from 4 available options: Chef, Vegetarian, Pescatarian and Fitness. Then you choose the meal pairings such as breakfast and lunch, breakfast and dinner, lunch and dinner, dinner only or all day and how many times per week you would like to receive your meals (5 days or 7 days). Meals are prepared daily and delivered 6 days per week in the evening so you always wake up to fresh, delicious food. Depending on the length of your subscription, you may get a discount if you subscribe to the multiple weeks at a time.

I received a Vegetarian dinner which was carefully packed into a cooler bag. Inside was a beautiful card with the menu which sounded pretty darn good and fancy. The card also included serving and heating instructions, nice touch!

When it comes to food one of the most annoying things to me is when the meal is small and overpriced, neither was the case with Crateful. It was a LOT of food and it was delicious! Everything was very fresh, the flavors were interesting and the whole experience felt like a little culinary adventure.

Whether you don’t have time in the morning  to make the most important meal of the day, tired of settling for the same burrito down the street for lunch or simply want to have a delicious upscale dinner experience in the comfort of your home, Crateful has you covered.

LA friends, get 15% off of your meals using promo code ULIANA. The code in ongoing meaning you will get the discount on every order not just your first order!

Let me know how you liked it!