I know, I know, holiday season is already over but I was just looking through the photos on my laptop and realized I haven’t posted any pics from our holiday trip to the Grove.






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The other day we were going on our usual sunset walk around the neighborhood when we realized that now that Thanksgiving is over, the holiday season is here which means that Christmas tree markets are open! I remember seeing in the movies how the family goes to one of those markets with many fluffy Christmas trees to pick the best one.


Tree (13)

Tree (12)

**This is how normal people take their tree home**

Tree (9)

Tree (19)

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Thanksgiving Day is one of those holidays that I didn’t have growing up but was more than happy to welcome. I actually started writing this post about a year ago when I was in the process of setting up this blog and this was my draft/practice post that never got published because by the time I finished the site set up the timing wasn’t right anymore, although is there really such thing as a bad timing to feel grateful?

It’s funny that for the last few years expressing gratitude has become something very essential to me, the draft from last year’s post said: “I personally don’t need one specific day to feel grateful as I do thank Universe pretty much everyday for all the great things and people that I have in my life but it’s always good to remember to do that and if having designated day for that helps us make conscious effort to be thankful, why not?”. It’s so true yet I never thought of consciously expressing gratitude before. I would be happy when good stuff happened and I always was appreciative of all the simple little things but I never thought about consciously acknowledging the things I am grateful for.

The first time I practiced expressing gratitude was about 3,5 years ago when I took my first ever yoga class. One of the suggestions made by the teacher was to think of something you are incredibly grateful for. During that moment few different things went through my head, I picked one and thought of how amazing it was that it happened. In that moment I felt everything from butterflies in my stomach to goose bumps on my skin to tears filling my eyes. From then on thinking of things I am grateful for kind of became a part of my night routine. Once I tuck myself in and before I fall asleep, I would thank the Universe for all these amazing things, people, moments that I have and experience. Sometimes I fall asleep half way through because I am so tired or even before I get to think about it but it’s okay cause the next morning I’d be grateful for the good night’s sleep:)

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Our trip to Pumpkin Patch was so much fun! I keep getting surprised how much of a good time we can have going somewhere considering our baby is still so little but both Disneyland trip and this were success! Alaric really enjoyed all the colors and sounds and we couldn’t be happier to see how much fun he is having. We did too!




Can  you see the teeth that he just got?!:)

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Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. – Epicurus

Malibu-Paradise Cove (4)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (1)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (10)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (12)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (8)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (7)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (2)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (13)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (9)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (5)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (14)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (18)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (17)

Malibu-Paradise Cove (22) Malibu-Paradise Cove (23)
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My baby has the best dad he could ever have. Derek was the first person Alaric saw when he was born and ever since then they have a special connection. Seeing them together makes my heart melt. From the very beginning Derek was participating in every baby activity we did: changing, bath time, walks in addition to their one-on-one time playing piano or “Where’s the bunny?”. They love each other so much and it’s the best thing ever. My boys <3

We had a great cozy day celebrating Derek’s first Father’s Day, took some pictures, went on a family walk and just enjoyed each other’s company.



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Now that I’ve been back to reality aka work, the time spent at home with my baby in the first 3 months of his life feels like a dream.

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